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Viewflex offers comprehensive workflow analysis and planning, to get your production process started on the right track. We can show you how to maximize your production resources, accomplishing much more with less overhead.

What is workflow?

Workflow refers to the organization of tasks into recognizable steps, and scheduling of these steps in the most efficient manner. Each publishing project has it's specific priorities and constraints, in the areas of budget, timeframe, organizational capabilities, and interdependency of various tasks. A production workflow plan takes all these considerations into account, establishing process, standards, and schedules to guide ongoing production.

An intelligent, well-implemented production workflow model becomes increasingly important as a project grows in size and scope. Efficiency can often be boosted dramatically by examining and modifying your current methods. Large corporations routinely undertake great efforts to improve efficiency, yet for smaller businesses with fewer resources, this is even more critical to survival.

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Sales Automation

Another kind of workflow relates to the organization and automation of sales and marketing. Sales workflow can be enhanced by implementing a CRM strategy, along with the appropriate software and training.

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