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Viewflex technologies provide a unique combination of publishing advantages, and for good reason. Designed from years of experience implementing real-world publishing solutions, our non-product-centric development philosophy allows us to concentrate on delivering the required functionality, using the best tools available for a given task.

Catalog Management

Our catalog management system delivers the flexibility and power you need to build your dynamic site the way you envisioned it, without the limitations inherent in other web-based catalog systems. All aspects of your catalog are customizable via templates, and an extensive language of server-side tags is available to create a content-rich, visually compelling user experience, in a fraction of the time it would take to build a custom data-driven site using ColdFusion or other content server middleware.

The intuitive administration interface makes managing your catalog a breeze. With over forty different data fields and up to ten different images for each record, plus a wealth of dynamically generated search and navigation controls, you really do have a data-driven site right out of the box!

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Commerce and CRM

Our web-based applications include built-in support for third-party e-commerce and CRM packages, allowing any catalog site to incorporate such features as wish lists, secure shopping, and custom forms. Contact us to learn about the full range of third-party packages and technologies that we support.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis is an important part of any web marketing effort. Our catalog applications include built-in item-level hit counts, and support for live click-path analysis. Going far beyond the mere counting of page hits or referers, you can see the relative ranking of individual records, and track behavior of individual users in real time.