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Statistical tracking is an important guide for improving your site's usability and identifying the areas of greatest interest to visitors. Viewflex offers the most powerful statistical tracking technology available, integrated with our OmniCat Catalog Management System. This unique statistical solution provides real-time click-path tracking and intelligent item-level hit counts, with more useful charts and reports than you will find anywhere else.

Track User Behavior in Real-Time

Until now such advanced features as real-time click-path tracking and analysis were available only in expensive, custom-built enterprise-level systems. Viewflex now offers live click-path tracking as an option for our hosting clients.

Not to be confused with the stale log file analysis offered by every other hosting service, giving you yesterday's hit counts on static pages, and a few meaningless pie charts. No, we're talking about real-time statistics and analysis that mean something to your decision-making process!

If you've never seen live click-path analysis in action, contact us to arrange a live demo. You will be amazed at how much this can tell you about user behavior, and what a great tool it can be when speaking with customers browsing your site.

Intelligent Item-Level Hit Counts

What do we mean by intelligent? Well, let's first ask, What is a hit? Is arriving at an item's detail page blindly by clicking the 'Next' button the same thing as arriving at that page by clicking a specific link or thumbnail image? Obviously not, but no one has ever offered a way to distiguish between such user events. Until now.

The OmniCat CMS allows you to determine which user actions trigger item-level hit counting. This control over the context of your hit-counting method is another example of the type of special functionality offered only by Viewflex integrated technologies.

Analytical Tools and Reports

We include all of the more commonly-used reports, such as Search Engines, Search Terms, and Page Ranking. But we also provide some uncommon and incredibly useful ones that you won't find in any other package, such as Bounce Rate, Top Exit Pages, Unique Visitors, and tools for tracking affiliates and promotions. Let us show you how to use statistical analysis to improve your site and increase business.