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Viewflex offers complete catalog production and catalog management packages, including workflow and production support. Our experience and technologies gives us the edge in production efficiency, allowing us to deliver unmatched value. Save money, save time, get it done right!

Catalog Production

When it comes to catalog production, we're in a class by ourselves. Our proprietary technology includes OmniCat, a unique web-based catalog management system that integrates all the elements of catalog production workflow and digital asset management. Our catalog solutions are scalable, and can be extended to create an automated print publishing workflow in addition to serving your catalog dynamically via the web.

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Catalog Management

It is often the case that an organization lacks the necessary expertise, infrastructure, or time to produce and maintain a catalog. Viewflex provides a powerful combination of managed services to cover all the bases, facilitating the process of ongoing catalog maintenance.

Catalog Hosting
Digital Asset Management
Production Support

Workflow Consulting

For production of large catalogs, workflow planning is your starting point. Proper organization and scheduling, implemented from the beginning, save time and money. A well-conceived asset management strategy allows you to make use of your content far more efficiently, extending your publishing and promotional capabilities.

To learn more about production workflow, both in general and as it applies specifically to our catalog management systems, the following links should provide a good introduction to the operative concepts.

What is workflow?
Business Integration