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Viewflex provides solutions for serious catalog production and catalog management, backing it up with mission-critical support services and professional workflow planning. Starting with a free initial consultation, we quickly develop a thorough understanding of client requirements and capabilities, delivering a detailed proposal to address initial production as well as ongoing catalog management needs.

The Viewflex Advantage

Viewflex production services and technologies can help you to realize your catalog publishing goals. All the essential elements of catalog production, management, and support can be combined in a single packaged solution, maximizing efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Catalog Production

Viewflex will produce your catalog from image preparation and data input all the way to final implementation. All catalogs are hosted on our OmniCat servers, available via the web using any browser. We can also deliver complete catalogs in searchable CD-ROM format and as finished print publications.

Catalog Hosting

Our unique hosting service gives you a data-driven catalog website right out of the box! No programming required, just select your templates, load your data, and you're up and running! Only Viewflex integrates a fully searchable web-based catalog server with high-speed image hosting and all the tools you need to produce and maintain a catalog.

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Website Design

Viewflex will work with the client's design team or provide top-shelf designers of our own, to produce a catalog tightly integrated with a chosen design and search architecture.

Print Workflow

Viewflex can integrate print and web publishing from the same catalog, including generation of print-ready images, QuarkXPress comps, and full print publishing jobs. Taking advantage of our high-res archiving service will enable on-demand use of large images by creative staff and service bureaus.

Production Support

Take advantage of our capabilities and experience. Viewflex can provide a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house production support infrastructure. For clients with existing production capabilities, we can provide critical advice, technology, and services, to enable you to go much further with what you have.

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