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Services : Digital Asset Management



Viewflex provides Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) functionality as an integrated part of the catalog management system. Our automated systems are monitored by real people who maintain your digital asset library according to your specifications. Archiving and backups included.

How does it work?

New catalog master images can be uploaded to our servers, where they are used to generate up to five different versions scaled to pre-defined sizes, maintaining consistent quality and sizes to match precise design specs. New catalog records are created during this process, and include any IPTC file info data present in the master image, allowing data entry to take place at the time of image production, using Photoshop or any other image editing program.

Automated Digital Workflow

Robots don't slack. With an asset library generated by our automated systems, images are always exactly on spec, optimized to the highest degree possible. This results in shorter page loading time and a more professional-looking site.

Customized Support Services

A well-organized asset library can be maintained easily by in-house personnel, however, sometimes it may be advantageous to rely on external support for routine production and maintenance. Viewflex offers production support services tailored for users of our OmniCat system, freeing time for your organization to focus on business, not technology.

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