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One of the most technically challenging aspects of a business website is the integration of shopping cart and payment processing systems. There are so many products and services available, ranging from the most basic to complete solutions that include direct merchant processing and validation, fulfillment tracking, and CRM functionality.


We can help you to implement the most appropriate e-commerce solution, including simple checkout, server-based software, and hosted cart services. If you already have an onlline storefront with Yahoo!, eBay, or another compatible e-commerce system, it can be integrated directly with your OmniCat catalog site.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM can help you to organize mailings and promotions, and to collate and respond to feedback. Combined with an order processing system it can allow you to analyse shopping patterns and target customers with the greatest potential.

As with e-commerce products and services, there are many sophisticated CRM packages available. The CRM solution you decide on should include contact management, track electronic and postal mailings, and offer a good Help Desk interface to your customers. Some systems allow you to generate and track offers, automate marketing campaigns, and calculate conversion rates for promotions.

Lead Management

The ability to elicit input from users of your site, via forms, is invaluable in developing a successful online business. When feedback is coupled with an effective way to track it and respond to it, it becomes even more useful. Viewflex can show you how the pros do it, and provide you with the tools you need.

Our OmniCat Catalog Management System can generate contextual feedback forms for each item, allowing visitors to 'Inquire' about a specific item or 'Send to a Friend' at any time. While giving your visitors a greater sense of involvement and interactivity with your site, you're also collecting sales leads.